The Power of Essential Oils

{OR Learning to Get Natural with your Wellness} Essential oils can be a wonderful addition to your wellness routine, if you learn how to use them correctly. I began this post as a stand-alone one, but then it got really long and I got new ideas. So, this post is now the first in a […]

Springtime Vegan Coconut Rice

It’s springtime somewhere in the world! And the perfect season for this Vegan Coconut Rice. It’s fresh, it’s wholesome. It’s vegan. SPRINGTIME COCONUT RICE Ingredients (for 1 person) 3 cups cooked rice (white, preferably Basmati) 3/4 cup freshly grated coconut 1 tsp organic sesame oil 1/2 tsp mustard seeds  1 tsp split white lentils 2 dry red chillies 1 large green chilli […]

CLASSY Mother’s Day Gifts for the Environmentally Conscious

Mother’s Day Gifts for the environmentally conscious? Hell, yeah! Instead of feeding the ever-hungry consumer market without purpose, why not spend your money on environmentally conscious companies and people? And, if your mom is as environmentally conscious as you are, even better! Then the options are even more varied. I mean, we gotta show love […]

Building a 21st Century World!

I began blogging as a creative vent for my frustration with how we’re treating the planet, but it has quickly transformed into much more. I’m learning how to be gentler on the planet, how to live without constantly destroying, and how to be happy with what we have now – because we won’t have it […]

Vegan Mixed Lemon Rice

As the temperature creeps up, and the days get longer, our bodies begin to crave lighter foods. We don’t need that piping hot soup to warm us up, and we certainly do not need elaborate recipes that make us spend more time in the kitchen. The sun’s out, and he’s sure lookin’ friendly. It’s that […]